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October 19, 2006

IE7: Microsoft Yawn

There are three really nice things about Microsoft's new browser release:

  1. Quick Tabs allows you to see a preview of all webpages you have in your tabs.
  2. Larger browser area.
  3. Installing it does not break my Firefox browser.

However, these nice things do have some caveats.

  1. Navigating away from the Explorer window gets rid of the Quick Tab view.
  2. The browsing area is increased by removing the menu, which can be activated by pressing the "Alt" key.
  3. Explorer makes itself the default browser automatically.

There are some pretty good and unique features in IE7, but Microsoft's new release isn't doing much that Firefox isn't doing already. I like, for instance, how easy it is in Explorer to open new tabs and get rid of old ones, but really, the nanoseconds that saves me, even cumulatively, is not going to entice me to change.

At first glance, the only exception I would make is if I were in the middle of doing some "power research" and collecting snippets in Onfolio, which is, in my opinion, more powerful than Google's Notebook extension for Firefox, but even that will depend on if the program is stable enough to consistently hold up to the demands I make on it.

I will keep using IE7 from time to time as the situation demands it and to pick up on what I initially missed, but on its face, it contains no new features that absolutely blow my socks off. This effort, five years in the making, is a little underwhelming. - Cam Beck


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Looks like Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by sitting back and letting firefox get all the praise for so long. I think it may be too late to turn the tide, especially if IE7 is such a snoozer.

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