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December 28, 2006

It's Okay to Hug (Gavin)

The most rewarding aspect to blogging is being a few clicks away from enjoyable and insightful people. This occurs without even knowing it, which is in a way frustrating, because there are so many good people out there that it's impossible to keep tabs on everybody. When you find a new blog worth reading, though, a new world of dreams and experience opens up to be explored and shared.

Mack Collier has his Z-list meme that continues to spread. It was adopted by Seth Godin with a twist. (Ann Handley has a great take on this on MPDaily Fix). Both are ingenious ways to open up the worlds of lesser-known bloggers who nevertheless can enrich all of our lives. It's funny... We all tout the virtues of blogging, but something tells me we have no idea how powerful it can really be.

That said, thanks to recently discovered (by me, anyway) Marcus Brown, here's a video that makes a pretty good metaphor for how the blogging community has rallied behind our friend Gavin. This one's for you, buddy.

Don't forget to visit the Friends of Gavin page or to leave a comment on his father-in-law's get-well guestbook. - Cam Beck


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This is a wonderful initiative, thanks for posting a BIG hug for Gavin. I'm sending BIG hugs to all you guys. That's the video I'd like to make...coming to meet all you guys and gals and giving you hugs for all the goodness you do.

Btw, I caught this hugger on Oprah several weeks ago -- it was so great seeing him give a big hug to Oprah :-).

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