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April 10, 2008

What I Learned from Blogger Social


Ryan tagged me in a "what I learned from Blogger Social" meme that David unintentionally started. It's a large canvas to paint, since I try to learn from every situation (whether I learn the right things or not is arguable). Here goes:

  1. My wife is amazing. The day I left, our daughter Faith got sick, and she stayed that way for the entire weekend, and into the next week. Janell had to do 10 loads of laundry while nurturing a baby who wanted nothing else but to be close to her mom. Not an easy task. Without her, I'm nothing.
  2. David Reich has a heart of gold. I have liked and admired David since he started posting comments over at MPDailyFix.com. David opened up his own house to strangers (though some of us were stranger than others) -- or at least friends in a strange situation, so that we could attend the event. Thank you again, David.
  3. New Yorkers are nicer than I thought they'd be. Seriously. And it's not just because the New Yorkers in attendance at Social broke the curve. I didn't even witness a mugging. New York gets a bad rap, I'm sure, for having a bad attitude. That wasn't the case this weekend.
  4. Greg Verdino is a freak. And I mean that in the best possible way. You get a sense from the imagery he chose to use on his blog that he has a sort of hidden rocker side, but the stoicism he conveys through his polished presentations and thoughtful writing do no justice to this very joyful, fun-loving person he is.
  5. Scott Monty is a master presenter. Besides the fact that his voice is made for radio -- or those movie trailer voice overs (Cue: "One man... on the run from the law for a crime he did not commit...") -- he worked the crowd like a true professional. After he presented $30,000 check from ooVoo to the Frozen Pea Fund (to great dramatic effect), he effectively used the playful ribbing the crowd was giving Joseph Jaffe to further the cause of the Frozen Pea Fund.
  6. Kris Hoet and Luc Debaisieux are sheer geniuses. First of all, they're probably the only two throughout the entire event, including those with allegedly "above average" intelligence, who can spell and pronounce Luc's last name (and Luc patiently told me 3 or 4 times), but besides that, between them the speak like a gazillion languages and are well versed in just about everything.
  7. CK can herd cats. Or at least, that's the rumor in New York City since she was able to organize all of us bloggers.
  8. There is hope for the future. With people like my housemates Nathan, Ryan, and Mario representing the future of marketing, perhaps we'll still have a world to bequeath to my grandchildren, after all.
  9. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Who knew that Sean Howard, Todd Andrlick, Geoff Livingston and Matt Dickman were so freakishly tall? I mean, I know they blog that way, but literally?
  10. First Life still kicks the pants off of Second Life. 'Nuff said.

- Cam Beck


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Wow. "Master presenter," huh? Thank you very much, Cam. That really means a lot to a guy who enjoys emceeing events. My secret goal is actually to be a game show host some day - making people happy while doing what I enjoy. But that's another story...

One of my biggest regrets is that we didn't have a chance to meet. Since I was there only on Saturday night, I had to make due with quick meet-n-greets with so many people, and it meant that I missed a few. We'll have to rectify that the next time I'm in Dallas or at our next Social.

This is a really great write-up. I can tell that you really value those around you by your praise and generous commentary.

Good lessons learned, Cam. It was great having "strange" people like you, Mario, Ryan (K, not B) and Nathan visit. And it was really cool of you to bring biscuits for Loki.

Also, I'm glad your impression of New York and New Yorkers changed after your visit. We have a reputation, but we're really pretty nice and friendly here.

You're giving us way too much credit here Cam - but thanks anyway. And don't worry about Luc's family name... it just is difficult by design :) Really enjoyed meeting you, hope we can repeat that once again sometime.

- Kris

Wow Cam - I've been called a freak many times before but never with a positive connotation. It was great meeting you in person although I wish we could have had more time to chat, and hope we get another chance to hang out together soon.

Rock on,

Scott - At one point when you had the mic, I was sure you were going to say, "Let's get ready to rrrrumbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!" :)

Definitely give me a shout when you're in Dallas.

David - I'm a big fan of labs. Loki just reinforced that. :)

Kris - I'm also very grateful that Luc was very forgiving about my inability to pronounce his name correctly. Apparently he runs into that a bit.

Greg - Same goes to you. Let me know if you wind up in Dallas at all.

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