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February 27, 2009

Five in the Morning

A little while back, Steve Woodruff tapped me for continuing his excellent "5 in the Morning" series, which allows bloggers to highlight articles you might have missed. Below is my contribution.

  1. How to approach a problem by Inspire UX
  2. Is the beautifully simple Macintosh OSX interface the panacea of interface design? Not according to Bruce Tognazzini of NN/g.
  3. Anyone who has ever bought a bleeding-edge device and had difficulty trying to use it can surely appreciate this piece from the Onion via 90 percent of everything (language advisory).
  4. Business Intelligence is rated a #1 technology priority for CIOs, and #5 business priority (Perhaps this second number should be moved up).
  5. Steve Roesler advises us to look at presentations the same way Oglivy looked at advertising. Long live the big idea.

Thanks, Steve, for allowing me to participate!

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