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March 26, 2009

Mike Rowe for President

If there's anything that can make you appreciate the people who create the illusion of civilized life, it's Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs. I caught Rowe's TED presentation when I chanced upon this post at slide:ology. (Hat tip to David Armano). If you haven't seen it yet, take 20 minutes to watch it. Unless you cured cancer or some such thing (and in 20 minutes, no less), it may be the best 20 minutes of your week (though if you're a PETA member, it may make you a bit squeamish).

His delivery is flawless, but his point is profound and memorable. We have, he says, declared war against work. We marginalize it at best and quite often attack it outright with overly stringent regulations.

He makes the point more effectively than I can, so please watch the video and visit his new initiative, MikeRoweWORKS.com, including this brilliant, down-to-earth commentary about the AIG bonuses. - Cam Beck

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