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November 12, 2007

Embrace the Chaos: Let the Debate Begin!

Awhile back a debate raged over at The Viral Garden about whether Mack should install a program called SezWho, which would allow people to rate other peoples' comments ("Commenters, are you ready to be rated?"). It was an interesting system that Mack learned about from Mario Sundar ("Bringing the 'wisdom of the community' to blog comments; SezWho"). I was reminded of this conversation while watching an episode of GeekBrief TV (episode #0252), when Cali Lewis introduced an application called Intense Debate, which works in much the same way as SezWho. We are now experimenting with the feature.

When Mack wrote about SezWho, I suggested that he try out the application, keeping in mind that he could remove it at his own discretion. However, at the time the application wasn't available for Blogger. When I saw the feature in action over at GeekBrief, I decided we needed to try it on for size.

What I Like About Intense Debate So Far

  • It's flat-out easy to use. And it gets easier once you're logged in with an account (which isn't required).
  • No more captcha. That's worth the price of admission right there... Especially since...
  • It's free.
  • You can track commenters across blogs. There are some brilliant people out there whose greatest contribution is in their comments on other peoples' blogs. How great would it be to see what they write besides in those places you frequent? In doing so, you open the door to accidental discovery.
  • Word filtering. Go ahead. Try and use the word "Viagra" here. Won't work.

A few things:

Your concerns are paramount. If you have issues with the way this system works, please remember it is an experiment, and we need your feedback, good or bad, if we're going to improve what we offer.

  • If the feature is abused by trolls in a way that cannot be systematically resolved by Intense Debate, we will remove it.
  • If users find the feature more difficult to use, we will remove it.
  • If the feature routinely breaks or leaves this blog otherwise unreadable, we will remove it.

At this time, we're using an "advanced" template for Typepad, which Intense Debate doesn't fully support for all of its features. As such, we will not be able to install the Latest Comments or Top Users widgets, but to be honest, we can live without them (although I'd really like an ability to install the first).

Try it out. Give it a spin. But above all, let us know what you think.

Let the debate begin. - Cam Beck


July 13, 2007

Get Smart

Possibly the best movie trailer I've seen in hours, if not minutes. I was obligated to put it here for its reference to "chaos." :)

Happy Friday! - Cam Beck

June 07, 2007

Insight Worth a Thousand Words

In honor of the newest edition to our blogroll, I'd like to present the following visual:


I found Jessica's site because she is an author to one of the chapters of the upcoming book, "The Age of Conversation." I love the insight she unveils through her witty sketches. Although she's a copywriter by profession, I think she'd make an excellent information architect!

Arun Rajagopal's profile of her states, "Some people can simplify the most complicated things without losing the ‘essence of substance’ ... On her blog ‘Indexed’, Jessica Hagy analyzes modern life with charts, graphs and Venn diagrams neatly arranged on a 3×5 index card."

Like Arun (also added to the blogroll), I can't wait to see her chapter! - Cam Beck

May 17, 2007

How to Become Irrelevant

Ama_logo The American Marketing Association has somehow managed to obfuscate the clear. With all the substantial pedigree they wield, this is the best definition (recently revised!) of marketing they could devise:

“Marketing is the activity, conducted by organizations and individuals, that operates through a set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging market offerings that have value for customers, clients, marketers, and society at large.”

What's with the love affair with institutions and processes? Are we really so conceited that we believe only institutions and organizational processes are capable of producing the net result of what marketing is supposed to do?

Oh. But we're the professionals. And we're insecure. Thus, we need a definition that excludes the chaotic nature of consumer marketing that is pervasive in this age of YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, and blogs.


Chaos is here, folks. We might not like it. We might be afraid of it. But we'd better learn to embrace it, or else the marketplace won't even bother to wave as it passes us by.

Hat tip to Diva Marketing Blog for publicizing this change. - Cam Beck

May 11, 2007

Get your fix on slow blogging days

Mdickman_new_headshot Matt at Techno//Marketer has a great new series, called "Buzz Friday," where he summarizes posts, links, and lists from the previous week. It's a great way to get caught up on the stuff you may have missed. I find it very refreshing on Friday, which seems to be the slowest blogging day of the work week. - Cam Beck

September 26, 2006

The Power of Blogging

Cave_of_time As a kid, I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books. It was always great to see how a seemingly small decision could alter how the story ended. Although the phenomenon was man-made in this case, it was a small leap of imagination to picture abstract theories of chaos that spurred concepts such as The Butterfly Effect.

I bring this up because last week I was musing on the future of political Internet marketing, and somehow I ended up finding a hilarious new video by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Surprisingly enough, even though the subject of my reading was "Kinky" Friedman, a comedian songwriter, the path I took to get to the Weird Al video had nothing to do with the comedian-politician's website.

I can't even remember precisely how I got there; I just know it had something to do with the trackbacks of my primary source material. Although I know I can trace my exact path with my browser's history tool, I prefer to leave that question unanswered. There's something to be said in favor of preserving the mystery of the journey.

It got me thinking, though, about the power of blogs and how much more rich our experience becomes because of trackbacks and cross-linking. Through hyperlinks, we can find and enjoy stories that have little or no relationship to our original topic we started researching.

As this was sort of dynamic findability the founders of the Internet had in mind when they created this tool, it is ironic that these blogging features are increasingly being recognized as falling under the rubric of something we denote as only the second version of the original: Web 2.0. - Cam Beck

Update: Mindblob has a pretty interesting post on this subject. Check it out when you get a chance.

January 30, 2006

Chaos Links 01-30-06

There are so many great links and just not enough time to blog about them all. So we'll introduce a new feature on ChaosScenario, Chaos links to news in the blogosphere:

Jaffe Juice and Micro Persuasion comment on ESPN's attempt to sell their commercials through iTunes.

Adjab and Adrants blog about Super Bowl ads being on-line after the Super Bowls. Look for reviews from ChaosScenario on the best, worst, most effective use new media, and whether we watched the game or just Tivo'd the commercials.

Marketing Vox predicts a strong M&A market for Internet Marketing companies.

Got a tip? Post a comment or send us an email.

- Paul Herring