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August 20, 2008

Online Olympics coverage and Silverlight


Like a lot of people I'm becoming an Olympic junkie. I have my favorite teams that are either not covered on television or that I want to see live, despite of the time difference.

I wasn't surprised that NBC is using Silverlight  to broadcast on MSNBC. OK, I'll download your plug-in to see what I want to see. It's from Microsoft, right? It should work fine because they make the FRICK'N OPERATING SYSTEM AND BROWSER. We'll it doesn't. I'm not able to see what I'd like to see. However, I am able to watch the 30 second commercials each time I try to bring up the games, which pisses me off even more.

Maybe it is a problem with my Internet Connection. However, how come I can see the 30 second spot in all of its bloated ad agency ego glory?

Once again Microsoft has proven that they can release products without really testing them. You'd think that they realize they could capture the market and create a brand that would chase out competition due to their roots as the creator of Windows and Internet Explorer. Not so. It seems like Microsoft hasn't been able to release a trusted version of any of it's products since the 90's. With all the anti-trust pressure on them, just making it part of what's installed on a PC won't work anymore. Nothing substitutes doing it right the first time.

- Paul Herring

July 01, 2008

Thanks Powerade.

When Fleishman Hillard offered me the summer internship in April, they told me that I was going to be on the digital team. Being that one of the digital team supervisors was on the internship committee, she went through most of the my job duties in the interview. So coming in, I already knew what to expect.

But when my boss, Paul, came over to my cube last week and asked me to blog for ChaosScenario, it really caught me by surprise. He wanted my perspective of advertising, marketing and the media in general because I grew up in this digital world. Apparently being young enough to never have used an 8 track and old enough to have played the old school Oregon Trail on those 5 inch floppies has its perks.

Ever since that dancing baby from the end of the last century blew my mind, I have been interested in digital development from websites to pictures and to videos. As the world has become more and more digital, authenticity and realness has been called into question. Now more than ever, anyone can be as tall as Yao Ming, strong as the Hulk, and all at the same time, be just as good looking as Brad Pitt/Jessica Alba (whomever you prefer). So when Powerade launched their videos with LeBron nailing 80 foot jumpers, Roddick literally burying the tennis ball, and Vick chugging his dog, I mean football, into the upperdeck, it without a doubt confused people.

Powerade certainly didn't try to keep their brand in those commercials a secret but this video of a ball girl making a spectacular "catch" is a different story.

The video itself went viral a couple of weeks ago, but Gatorade wasn't attached to it until very recently. Yet in the actual video, I don't see any mention of Gatorade. No sign, no banner, no drunk dude wearing a Gatorade shirt. So what's in it for Gatorade?

I don't claim to be any sort of marketing, advertising or PR expert but in my opinion, Gatorade's mission was and is exactly what everyone has been doing. Talk about it.

Of course everyone knows not many human beings are capable of performing that type of Neo-like move, and even Neo would need the Matrix to accomplish something like that (and that's a completely different topic), but just the fact people are sending it to their friends has I'm sure made the Gatorade folks very happy.

And of course who can forget Kobe's "jump" over an Aston Martin. There is no Nike swoosh at the end of the commercial, but obviously Nike is responsible for these new kicks that give human beings an ability to jump over automobiles.

Most recently, Shaun Suisham of the Washington Redskins has deemed himself the world's strongest kicker in his attempt to go viral with his 110 yd field goal.

We'll just have to see which company decides to clean this video up and make a kicker the poster child of their online campaign. I'm going to guess no one.

So readers beware, anything you see online can be fake. In fact, this entire entry could've been written by a monkey at a typewriter. I'm joking...or am I...?


October 19, 2007

Montage Music

Last night as I was watching NFL Live to see all the top stories of the day I was pleasantly surprised to see a little synergy between ESPN and a band called Honor By August.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like listing the band name and the title of the song at the beginning of the montage is something that has just started happening over the last couple of years.  While I had seen a fair amount bands and song titles I hadn't seen a URL before.  This was nice to see as Honor By August got to promote their music and direct people to their MySpace profile while ESPN got a great song to use not only in NFL Live, but also I've learned, on Baseball Tonight.  - John Herrington

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July 19, 2007

The greatest team you've never heard of

They've won 20 straight games.

They play the best teams from all over the world.

They don't have big contracts or endorsement deals.

Despite representing the United States in the most popular sport in the world, they're lucky to get more than 5,000 people to attend their home games.

Some of them are moms and all of them have devoted years of their lives for the love of the game.

Meet the US Women's National Soccer team.  I'm inspired by their dedication despite being women and playing in a less than popular sport in the United States.

Why is this a big deal? It's a big deal because today's girls don't have heros that are worth a damn. All they have are spoiled rich girls who love the paparzi and are in and out of rehab.

Today's girls need inspiration. I know because I have a daughter and I coach a soccer team with fourteen eight year old girls. For my daughter and for my team, I want them to want more than a spot in High School the Musical Part XI. I want them to understand that, you can work hard and be more than just a peice of glitzy meat.

Support the US Women's team as they take on the world in the FIFA Women's World Cup.

- Paul Herring

May 11, 2007

Don't Be Fooled by Pedigree

Jason_mcelwain Drew's inaugural post at MP Daily Fix was, by all accounts, a home run. I couldn't be happier for him. He wrote about how marketing professionals are hired for their expertise, and how their marketing opinions should carry more weight than, say, the marketing opinion of the hairdresser. In general, I completely agree. Sometimes we have to tell a client "no," even if it goes against what Phillipe says.

But hold on.

Phillipe might be wrong, but it isn't because he's a hairdresser. In fact -- be careful -- because he may even be right. While not a "professional marketer," perhaps all he needed is the forum to express his opinions. Whatever the opinions are, as professionals we are obligated to listen to them and try to understand them. The hairdresser (and grandma, and the babysitter) has influence with the client.

If the client is listening to the hairdresser over your opinion, that's because the hairdresser has the client's trust, and you don't. That's a problem, and you have to find a way to prove you are worthy of it -- not by taking down the hairdresser because of his profession, but because your opinion makes sense according to what you understand of the client's business goals.

To underscore this point, watch this video about Jason McElwain to see how great performances can be derived from unexpected sources. Jason's autism could have been used as an excuse to keep him out of sports and after-school activities. But if it had, we'd never have had the chance to see this.

RSS Subscribers go here.   As StickyFigure says, it will be the best two minutes you spend today. - Cam Beck

P.S. Note to CBS - PLEASE do not take that video down. I can think of no better way to promote yourself than to publicize it far and wide, completely for free. Everyone in this world needs to see it.

February 06, 2007

Marketing News Roundup, February 6, 2007

I normally don't provide simple links without commentary, but I find myself with little time and no shortage of meaningful fodder. I'll instead couch all my commentary in the headlines I choose.

Internet Demographic Takes an Unexpected Turn

NFL Chooses Nielsen Over Consumers

Bill Gates Whine: No Fan of Apple Ads

Disney Sells 1.3 million Movies on iTunes since October

Not Compatible with iTunes: Wal-Mart Joins Movie Download Fray

- Cam Beck

March 21, 2006

March Madness On Demand

Clickzlogo_4In my ClickZ article this week, I explore CBS SportsLine's March Madness on demand. I wrote about CBS SportsLine's first March Madness on demand a couple of years ago. They've made a number of changes to the format. And while I think it's great, there is room to improve. The fanaticism around March Madness opens the doors to so many possibilities. And I feel like CBS is doing just enough to endear themselves to fans, but not enough to create any fanaticism about CBS SportsLine. I've talked with a few college basketball fans and they're all pretty happy with the online coverage. I just can't help but think that they could be doing so much more and getting credit for starting an on demand revolution...Viva la revolucion! Anyway, check it out. Let us know what you think. - Pete Lerma

February 14, 2006

NBC Olympics vs. Google Video

Nbc olympics video If you're looking for online video coverage of the Olympics, you'll probably end up at the Official NBC Olympic site. But you'd be missing out on one of the better sources for finding the same video content... Google Video.

The official Google Video Blog points out that they're indexing all of NBC's Olympic videos. And Google Video has some distinct advantages over the NBC Olympics site.

  1. No clutter: It's amazing how cluttered the NBC Olympics homepage is. It took me a while to find the link to their video section.
  2. Cross-platform video: The NBC Olympics site is using embedded windows media videos. The Google Video player is flash, so it's platform independent.

It's not all rosy, though. Google Video has intentionally scaled back their normal feature set for these official NBC videos. Normally, Google video allows users the options to embed the video on their site, as well as allowing downloads of the video. NBC probably didn't like that idea very much.

View all the NBC Olympic Videos at Google Video.

I think NBC, as well as all the networks, need to pay attention to how people are beginning to expect their video content delivered. Internet users are already turning to places like Google Video and YouTube to get video content on their own terms. - John Keehler

February 02, 2006

Superbowl Shuffle: What Can $2.5 Million Do?

A Superbowl spot costs a pretty penny, $2.5 million to be exact. To many people, it seems that money could be spent on better things. Like what?

The folks at iMedia Connection asked the same thing to a couple distinct groups of people: Brand Marketers, Agencies, Publishers, Technology Providers and Thought Leaders. Each person offers up their own opinion on the matter. Some even disagree. Check out the full article here.

What would I spend that $2.5 million on? I'd put it all online, of course, but I'd use it for an all-encompassing campaign that included original content created for the web, probably video, and I'd drive traffic to that content not only traditional online media outlets, but also blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and more. - John Keehler